Thursday, August 16, 2018

Transcript for White House says former aide’s book is ‘riddled with lies’

break either. Can’t. Thank you Marcus. We’re turningth words between the white house anormer trump advis The white houseng a new Bo Bosa Manigault. Claiming she’s trying T profit from false attacks against the esident. Tara pri has mor eporter:marosa manlt rmer reality TV villain turned whituse offici, has had a change of heart. You’ fired. Dishin prerump in book “Unhinged.” Accog to the guardian, omarosa writes that prest trump iste a racist,igot and misonileging there’s a cording of trump usg the N word on “T Prentice.” Omosa offering no proof, but on friy ntradictin R of events lling NPR she has in of president making the race slur. You havea this ? I heards tape. As bill Pruitt described during is intervi, other rrible things Repter: This ring the white house quickly dismissing thok prs secretary Sarah Sanders called itdledith lies and false accusatio Asa was fir by the whithouse, a S still dies, she said this I he seen things that made me uncomfortable. Orter: Even Deborah rts donaldru not a racist. Do you think this president is racist?utely not. I wod never work for someone I lived to aist. Reporter: Omarosa rose to fame on “T ice.” Being fired in two difrese she reed close ttr fiercely defending him. On then tras Lia to thefric American community. Every detractor will have to bow wnident trum Reporr:the books more outge cims IST the president installed a tanning been te house residence. A well placed senior white house officials tells us thajust not true That ra Palmeri for us. E presidennot commenting O protest. Police T

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