Sunday, March 18, 2018
  • Now Playing: Trump, GOP face test in Pennsylvania special election

  • Now Playing: Pennsylvania Special Congressional Election too close to call

  • Now Playing: Chris Christie: Special election ‘isn’t really a referendum on Donald Trump’

  • Now Playing: What a tight race in red Pennsylvania means for the ‘blue wave’

  • Now Playing: Democrat Conor Lamb rides steelworkers unions to neck-and-neck House race

  • Now Playing: How the opioid crisis influenced the Pennsylvania election

  • Now Playing: Pennsylvania 3rd-party candidate: No one is entitled to your vote

  • Now Playing: Trump faces GOP defeat in Pa., more staff changes

  • Now Playing: More White House staff changes expected

  • Now Playing: Democrat declares victory in Pa. special election

  • Now Playing: GOP candidate Rick Saccone: ‘We’re still fighting the fight’

  • Now Playing: Pennsylvania special election appears to be a dead heat

  • Now Playing: House Democrats vow to continue Russia probe, release their own report

  • Now Playing: Trump fires secretary of state on Twitter after months of clashes

  • Now Playing: President Trump inspects border wall prototypes

  • Now Playing: ABC News’ Tom Llamas talks to Democratic congressional candidate Lamb on election day

  • Now Playing: GOP congressional candidate Rick Saccone thanks Trump as he leaves the voting booth

  • Now Playing: Senators react to the news that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired

  • Now Playing: Secretary of State Tillerson promises smooth transition for his replacement

  • Now Playing: Who is Conor Lamb?

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