Monday, May 21, 2018

Transcript for This will be the most expensive driving season in 4 years: Analysts

tonight leer to your money. And the price of gasoline now on the rise. The new report, the national average now 2.85 per gallon, that’s five cents more than a week ago. ABC’s Eva pilgrim on what’s behind the rise, and which day of the week is best to save on gas? Eva? Reporter: David, those higher gas prices are expected to stick around. Analysts are predicting this will be the most expensive driving season in four years. The estimate for the summer prices, an average about $2.74 a gallon, that’s up 33 cents from last summer. The reason for this, basic supply and demand. Cutbacks in oil production overseas slashing the supply. Global economic growth increasing demand. To save money, experts say look to those apps that help you find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. The cheapest day to fill up, Monday. David? Good to know, Eva, thank you.

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