Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Transcript for Rick Scott files lawsuit against 2 Florida counties for not counting ballots in time

They Tuesday night Irwin was projected to be around 57000. Votes. By Wednesday morning that we dropped to 38000. By Wednesday evening it was around 30000 votes. This morning it was around 21000. Now it’s fifteen doubt. On election night Rel county Broward County that they were 636. 34000 votes cast. As of today as of 1 AM today they were six or 95700. Ballots cast Election Day. At 2:30 PM today did not and the number was up to 707243. Ballots cast on it. And as we just learned that the number has increased to seven and 121840. Doubts cast on Election Day. Palm Beach County. There are 151000. New votes found since election night. So is bin. Over 48 hours since polls closed and Broward and Palm Beach counties are still finding and counting ballots. The people of Florida deserve fairness. And transparency. And the supervisors. Are failing to give it to us. Every Floridians. Should be concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Palm Beach counties Alter refusing to provide information to the public. And there illegally. Refusing to allow official party rip city’s it to the ballot counting area and forcing people to stand behind a glass wall. Which limited visibility and no ability to hear what is going on. This is a clear violation of Florida law and we’ve just about the lawsuit.

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{“id”:59072845,”title”:”Rick Scott files lawsuit against 2 Florida counties for not counting ballots in time”,”duration”:”1:51″,”description”:””Every Floridian should be concerned there is rampant fraud in Broward and Palm Beach Counties,” Scott said.”,”url”:”″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}


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