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Transcript for Lynch lacked credibility to announce details of Clinton inquiry: Comey

Class of an information came into the possession of the US intelligence community in the early part of 2016. That indicated there is material out there that raised the question. Of whether Loretta lynch. Was controlling me and the FBI and keeping the Clinton Campaign informed about our investigation. I don’t believe that and I don’t believe that’s true. But there was material that I knew some day when it’s declassified and I thought that we decades in the future. Would cause historians to wonder whom was there some strange business going on there was Loretta lynch somehow. In carrying water for the campaign and controlling with the FBI did again it wasn’t true. But there was material that would allow that to come out some day in the long future when is declassified did you investigated. We did. And what did you find fan no indication that it was true. You laid out a series of reasons that led you to do due July press conference even going back to when Merrill Lynch calling this a matter an investigation. President Obama. Weighing in. The classified information about the redolent tarmac meeting can you assure people today he was sure that. That the Obama Justice Department was not protecting Hillary Clinton. Yes. And if there were people who were secretly trying to protect Hillary Clinton. We didn’t know about it the FBI. Drove this investigation and we did it in a competent and independent way I would bet my life I’m.

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{“id”:54487135,”title”:”Lynch lacked credibility to announce details of Clinton inquiry: Comey”,”duration”:”1:33″,”description”:”Loretta Lynch, the former attorney general, could not “credibly” take the lead on announcements about the Clinton email investigation, Comey told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.”,”url”:”″,”section”:”2020″,”mediaType”:”default”}


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