Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Transcript for Kemp claims win in governor’s race, though ABC News has not projected a winner

We all work together in the days weeks and months ahead to ensure a smooth transition that keeps our state on the path for prosperity. Growth and opportunity. In addition to having the right team community energy and focus. Nez while effective at 11:59. AM today. I’m stepping down the secretary of stake. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the years as secretary of state. We’ve used technology. Innovation and a radar systems enhance cyber security. And save taxpayers millions of dollars. We’ve cut red tape. And we’ve set records in voter registration. Corporate filings and licensing. It’s easy to vote in hard to cheat in Georgia the numbers underscore this is simple truth. Masai first sets are set owned Georgia’s future conserving Georgia famous foam building a safer stronger state.

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{“id”:59061196,”title”:”Kemp claims win in governor’s race, though ABC News has not projected a winner”,”duration”:”1:02″,”description”:”Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who has declared victory in the gubernatorial race, says he is stepping down as the state’s top election official to begin his transition to governor. “,”url”:”″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}


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