Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Now Playing: Chris Christie on High Court pick: ‘My guess is he gets 56 or 57 votes’

  • Now Playing: Trump set to meet with Putin after Mueller indicted 12 Russians in probe

  • Now Playing: Dem Senator: NATO today ‘arguably functionally obsolete’

  • Now Playing: Former DNC chair to Trump: Tell Putin U.S. won’t ‘tolerate another hacking’

  • Now Playing: Bolton: Mueller indictment ‘strengthens’ Trump’s hand ahead of Putin summit

  • Now Playing: Trump prepares to meet Putin

  • Now Playing: Mueller indicts 12 Russian intel officers for hacking Democrats in 2016 election

  • Now Playing: Trump golfs after Russian indictment announcement

  • Now Playing: 12 Russian military officers accused of disrupting 2016 election

  • Now Playing: Trump avoids London as British protest him

  • Now Playing: Immigration is a ‘very negative thing’ for Europe: Trump

  • Now Playing: Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen marketed presidential access

  • Now Playing: Trump meets Queen Elizabeth amid mass protests in England

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: 12 Russians indicted for hacking Democrats

  • Now Playing: Clinton ally says new Mueller indictments show probe not a ‘witch hunt’

  • Now Playing: AG Rosenstein announces new indictments stemming from Mueller probe

  • Now Playing: Trump calls his own interview ‘fake news,’ slams changes from European immigration

  • Now Playing: A fresh new paint job for Air Force One may be underway

  • Now Playing: Documents suggest Cohen used WH connections for business

  • Now Playing: Insults fly at ex-FBI agent’s congressional hearing

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