Sunday, March 18, 2018
  • Now Playing: Trump, GOP face test in Pennsylvania special election

  • Now Playing: House Republicans move to wrap up Russia probe

  • Now Playing: House Republicans move to wrap up Russia probe, find no evidence of collusion

  • Now Playing: Trump appears to cave to NRA in White House plan on school safety

  • Now Playing: Porn star offers to return $130K received from Trump lawyer to president himself

  • Now Playing: Sanders addresses Trump’s wavering position on guns

  • Now Playing: Who is Rick Saccone?

  • Now Playing: Betsy DeVos struggles in interview on education

  • Now Playing: Trump insults Chuck Todd, Maxine Waters, Oprah at rally

  • Now Playing: Oakland coffee shop won’t serve police

  • Now Playing: Trump takes on opponents in campaign rally

  • Now Playing: Trump tries to rally supporters on North Korea meeting

  • Now Playing: White House to unveil school-safety plan

  • Now Playing: Trump unveils his new campaign slogan for 2020

  • Now Playing: Jonathan Karl: Trump’s unpredictable, risky move on North Korea may prove successful

  • Now Playing: Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un, porn actress files lawsuit against Trump

  • Now Playing: WH spokesman: If meeting with Trump doesn’t happen, ‘it’s the North Koreans’ fault’

  • Now Playing: Former Obama adviser: Obama ‘rooting for diplomacy’ with North Korea to work

  • Now Playing: President Trump unveils his 2020 election slogan, ‘Keep America great.’

  • Now Playing: Sam Nunberg is under scrutiny in the Russia investigation

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