Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Transcript for Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen marketed presidential access

And you’re Phillips and you’re watching ABC news live it all started when Michael Collins set up accompanied it pay off adult film actors stormy Daniels. But now we’re learning about the money they came into that company including one point two million dollars from a Swiss drugmaker. Allen’s lawyer says he was hired to advise on health care policy. Senate Democrats say he was offering up much more. An exclusive look at Michael Collins emails and why one major pharmaceutical company. Paid him more than a million dollars what were they after senate Democrats say. Promises a back door access to the trump White House. In these emails laid out in its when he one page report. They say Michael Cohen is marketing his presidential access to Joseph hunt menace. Former CEO of the drug company Novartis and crossing ethical lines. Michael Cohen even signing his emails personal counsel to president Donald. Writing to Cohen I am forty news some ideas to lower drug costs in the US. Cohen replying received and I will forward TU their suggestions. What were the advantages for Novartis here. When Navarre death in my view one. And it sure looks like they got. Woods a direct wine of access. To the White House. Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis telling ABC news mr. Cohen who never introduced anyone from Novartis to anyone in the administration or congress. Did not sell access. Now Michael Cohen is still under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in New York for his business dealings in you’ll remember. When said he take a bullet for the president but in that interview with our George Stephanopoulos. He signaled he may cooperate with investigators this morning the White House is declining comment on our story. And no Bart is telling senate Democrats the email exchanges. Were not part of their contract with Colin. Keira Phillips ABC news Washington.

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{“id”:56571638,”title”:”Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen marketed presidential access”,”duration”:”2:12″,”description”:”Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, advertised his presidential access to a former drug company CEO. “,”url”:”https://abcnews.go.com/US/video/trump-lawyer-michael-cohen-marketed-presidential-access-56571638″,”section”:”US”,”mediaType”:”default”}


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