Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Transcript for Dow down nearly 556 points, more than 4% lower for week

And tonight, after turmoil all week on Wall Street, the do you — Dow falling 558 points, and more than 1,000 for the week. 155,000 new jobs in November, but that was slightly lower than expected. Rebecca Jarvis, on Wall Street tonight. Reporter: Tonight, an ugly end to a wild week on wall Street. The Dow, down nearly 560 points today. More than 4% lower for the week. The worst start to December since 2008. At issue, fears the U.S. Economy could be facing a slowdown next year. And worries a prolonged tariff fight with China will harm American businesses and consumers. We’ll be discussing trade. Reporter: Coming out of president trump’s meeting with China’s president XI at the g-20 summit, initial optimism over that 90-day tariff truce giving way to uncertainty after mixed signals from the white house. The president tweeting, I’m a tariff man. But also that his team is working to see if a deal is actually possible. We are one tweet away from the market going up 1,000 points or down 1,000 points. Reporter: For the typical 401(k), the year’s earlier gains, now wiped out. If you started 2018 with a $10,000 nest egg in stocks, today you’d have about $150 less. Rebecca, these wild swings could eventually impact just about everyone, right? Reporter: That’s right. Think about it like this. These wild swings impact consumer confidence, how we spend our money. Which has a ripple effect on the economy and jobs. Even if you don’t have a penny invested in stocks right now, it still hits your bottom line in the long run. Thank you. We turn next to the dangerous storm system barreling

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{“id”:59689665,”title”:”Dow down nearly 556 points, more than 4% lower for week”,”duration”:”1:53″,”description”:”It’s the worst start to December since 2008, and it’s due to fears that the U.S. economy could face a slowdown in 2019.”,”url”:”″,”section”:”WNT”,”mediaType”:”default”}


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