Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Transcript for Consumers counting down to Amazon’s biggest sales day of the year

Next tonight here, the countdown is on to Amazon prime day and even if you are not a mber, therare ways T save bag. ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis to save big. Reporr: Tonightit’s countdown to prime day, kicking off Monday, amazon’sgest sales of the yea promising prime members 36 hours of deep discounts. Re are the real S? The real dealris are if plan ahead. Go shopping right now, and put all you want in your shopping basket. Then wait until prime day and see if they have cut the price. Reporter: The bona fins, expert on amazon-branded goods. Everything from electronics, to clot, stories and furnure. But experts suggest skipping luxury goodsh end beauty products on prime day. Alexa, what your deals? I several elusive deals. Repor for those W order through Amazon devices lhe echo, speal discounts. And consider looking beyond Amazon. Rivals like Best Buy, Macy’s and Walmart, are going their N Black Friday in July promotions. But ere is alwat 30-day trial membership if you want to take advantage. Thank you. When c,he

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