Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Now Playing: Sanders: Libby pardon was ‘not at all’ a signal about Mueller probe

  • Now Playing: ‘Bipartisan consensus that James Comey doesn’t have credibility’: Sarah Sanders

  • Now Playing: Comey describes briefing with Trump ‘almost an out-of-body experience’

  • Now Playing: Comey thinks firing Mueller would be an ‘attack on the rule of law’

  • Now Playing: Comey says Trump told him, ‘I expect loyalty’

  • Now Playing: Comey’s wife warned him: ‘Don’t be the torture guy’

  • Now Playing: Comey felt ‘totally alone’ after writing Clinton’s emails letter

  • Now Playing: The emotional moment James Comey shared with President Obama after the 2016 election

  • Now Playing: Lynch lacked credibility to announce details of Clinton inquiry: Comey

  • Now Playing: Comey: Clinton’s actions with the email server were ‘really sloppy’

  • Now Playing: What Comey says he would tell Hillary Clinton today

  • Now Playing: Comey says he slept with a knife by his bed

  • Now Playing: Comey on comparing President Trump to a mob boss

  • Now Playing: The moment Comey thinks Trump turned on him

  • Now Playing: Comey: ‘It’s possible’ the Russians have something on President Trump

  • Now Playing: Comey thinks Donald Trump is unfit to be president

  • Now Playing: Stormy Daniels goes to court

  • Now Playing: Trump tweets and calls James Comey, ‘slippery’ and ‘out of whack’

  • Now Playing: Meghan McCain: ‘Vilification of Paul Ryan… led to the rise of President Trump’

  • Now Playing: U.S. and allies strike Syria; Trump lashes out against Comey, Cohen raids on Twitter

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