Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Transcript for American freed from captivity in Turkey to meet with Trump

president trump rallied supporters in a key battleground state. The president out in Ohio speaking about his success in helping to get an American pastor who was detained in Turkey home. ABC’s white house correspondent Tara Palmeri has more. Reporter: Overnight, president trump kicking off his Ohio rally by touting the return of an American citizen. Earlier today, we secured the release of pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey. Reporter: Andrew Brunson from North Carolina was convicted by a Turkish court who accused him of spying and aiding terrorists. Following a Turkish coup attempt in 2016. A Turkish coup attempt in 2016. Brunson and U.S. Officials deny those charges. The pastor celebrating the end of his 24-month detention by kissing the American flag after touching down in Germany. Trump who has increased pressure on the Turkish government for the pastor’s release said he invited Brunson for a special visit to the white house today. We’re honored to have him back with us. He suffered greatly but we’re very’s appreciative to a lot of people. Reporter: It’s been a busy week at the white house. The president says he’s been managing hurricane Michael relief. They’ll rebuild. They’re strong. They’re great people and just god bless you all. Reporter: But also hosting celebrities in the west wing like kid rock and Kanye west, who made a splash in the oval office on Thursday. I love this guy right here. Reporter: At one point the president seemingly at a loss for words. I’ll tell you what, that was pretty impressive, folks. Reporter: That visit even a talking point at Friday’s rally. I never knew I’d say this but god bless Kanye west. Reporter: Meanwhile, former vice president Joe Biden issuing harsh words for the president at a separate rally in Kentucky Friday night. Our values are being shredded. Our democracy is under assault. A president has put his own interests before those of our ideals. Reporter: Like president trump, vice president Joe Biden is out on the campaign trail stumping for vulnerable candidates ahead of the midterms. He’s in states that trump won and hitting them hard testing out material for a possible 2020

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{“id”:58475676,”title”:”American freed from captivity in Turkey to meet with Trump”,”duration”:”2:11″,”description”:”Pastor Andrew Brunson was convicted by a Turkish court for allegedly spying and aiding terrorists following a coup attempt in 2016.”,”url”:”″,”section”:”GMA”,”mediaType”:”default”}


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